Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What It Takes

The above feature-length article, derived from the IAF's FLIGHT SAFETY magazine dated September 2008, highlights some of the critical issues that are related to the deployment of Su-30MKIs to new air bases.--Prasun K. Sengupta


sachin_sathe said...


wht is the status of ASTRA BVRAAM's testing?How much range does it have?

i think DRDO was developing a full blown EW suit with DRFM and wht not?
can u tell anything abt tht?

also wouldn't it be more efficient to use A-330 for next batch of phalcons as it is also going to be used as an MRTT?

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of An-12 horror stories I heard from a retired IAF officer. Once after receiving landing clearance from ATC the pilot spotted a calf on the runway. He immediately responded to the ATC "landing but cowboy ahead".

Anonymous said...

hi prasun, regarding arjun MBT, it was said in the ariticle of Shiv Aroor ( that a third party consultant has certified this tank to be an excellent this true? in case yes, which was the third party testing agency? thanks and warms wishes

Anonymous said...

This is interesting-

AfterBurner said...

I guess, this the same "1 minute" thing that was followed at Red Flag last year?

- AF

Prasun K Sengupta said...

To Sachin Sathe: Using the A330-200 as the follow-on PHALCOn AEW & C platform will be an overkill. Far better, easier and cheaper to use the A310-300 platform.

To Anon@11:22PM: Three German companies were involved: Krauss-Maffei WEGMAN, Rheinmetall and RENK/SESM.

To Anon@9:58PM: That's also how the IAF in the late 1980s suffered its first MiG-25R crash.
To Anon@5:01AM: That's right.

Anonymous said...

This may seem like a classic case of runway incursion. But its not, since the Tower permitted the gypsy to cross the runway. Its pretty weird that the Tower controller was not looking at the runway and SU 30's who were probably in position and hold sequence ready for take off. Whether the Su 30's depart in formation or sequence is not the argument as the job of the Tower Controller in addition to communication is also to visually scan the airspace/runways/taxiways.

Anonymous said...

prasun has more technical info on russian/israeli hardware through brochures compared to western hardware

Anonymous said...

to prasun

why did india opted for mi17v5 when they could buy mi38 which has 6 ton capability

and which russian helicopter is in competition for 197 lightweight helos ,i think its ka 226 or ka 60

Anonymous said...

Gripen revives war of words over Norwegian fighter assessment
Saab was also angered by Norway's conduct of three secret simulations, which evaluators say favoured the F-35. The company subsequently launched its own series of 50 simulations involving the Gripen NG, JSF and a threat force represented by Sukhoi Su-35s, using all available data on the aircraft, countermeasures equipment and missile performance, it says.

Peter Nilsson, vice-president operational capabilities for Gripen International, says the results quash Lockheed's marketing claims that the JSF is over six times more capable than current-generation fighters in air-to-air combat.

Noting that a four-versus-four scenario between F-35s and Su-35s would pit eight Raytheon AIM-120D Amraam missiles and eight AIM-9X Sidewinders against 48 Vympel R-77s and eight R-73s, he comments: "They'd better be invincible. Because if you can't get past the 'Flankers' you'll never get to a ground target."

Saab's simulations saw the MBDA Meteor- and Diehl BGT Defence IRIS-T missile-equipped Gripen NG defeat the Su-35 at a ratio of 1:6 to 1. "For JSF it's the other way round," says Nilsson.

Anonymous said...

to prasun

can uverify that why russians building second tower on groky,here is link

can u tell what is the purpose of this

Anonymous said...

to friends

here is typhoon cockpit pic,its superb

Anonymous said...

did mig-21 ever fired R-77 beyound 18km launch?

Anonymous said...

yes mig21 can

kopyo radar can engage target of 5 ^ square at 50 km

moreover mig21 is supported by mki
and mki can detect lots of target and pass their coordinates to mig21bison and ell him when to fire missile

Anonymous said...

prasunji, can u pls post links or tell in brief on how the first MiG 25R crash occurred? and also about the incident in Jamnagar that is mentioned in the article.

Anonymous said... the pic of the typhoon cockpit,doesnt it look like the stick is obstructing the view of the pilot to the MFD? I remember u had raised this issue a few mnths ago regarding the LCA Tejas doesn't the typhoon face the same problem?

Anonymous said...

Mr Prasun

Your posts are certainly not a reflection of original thinking or analysis of matters military. They do serve the purpose of a disparate collection of various brochures.

Karan Singh

Prasun K Sengupta said...

To Karan Singh: Why are you stating the obvious? Where on earth have I ever claimed that my blog represents "a reflection of original thinking or analysis of matters military"? You surely sound like a jilted lover or an envious entity! Therefore, do us all a favour the next time and refrain from stating the obvious and insulting the intelligence of fellow bloggers here.