Friday, July 24, 2009

Pakistan's Home-Grown Solutions: Part-1


sachin_sathe said...


is this system going to form the bedrock of pakistan's Air Defense Network?Can u post abt simiar systems tht r in use in IAF?

Anonymous said...

I just hope that this time you will post some thing about the ideas-2008 report that you promised

Delivery of SH-1

Status of BVRAAM testing on jf-17

4000km shaheen-III status

SLCM status

Anonymous said...

Some thing about the number of different APCs like

Al-Talha APC

Mohafiz APC Turkish Otokar Cobra

German APC (recently ordered)

M113 APC

Al-Hamza - Armoured infantry fighting vehicle

Raad APC shown @ ideas 2008

Anonymous said...

France, Germany vie to sell Pakistan subs

Pakistan is also interested in acquiring further German-made tanks ?????and armored vehicles.

prasun is it true that Pakistan is interested in buying German tanks

Anonymous said...

Prasun sir please update us about the status and numbers of

1)Al-Khalid MBT

2)Al-Zarrar MBT

3)Al-Talha APC

4)Mohafiz APC Turkish Otokar Cobra

5)German APC (recently ordered)

6)M113 APC

7)Al-Hamza - Armoured infantry fighting vehicle

8)Raad APC shown @ ideas 2008

9)Al-Hadeed armoured repair/recovery vehicle (ARRV)

10)Al-Qaswa armoured logistics vehicle

11)Sakb armoured command post vehicle

Anonymous said...

12)PA's Cobra APC from Turkish Otokar company

13)Eurocopter AS-550 Light Transport Helicopter and their armed version

Anonymous said...

Pakistans interest in German tanks (read Leo2) is a knee jerk response to India's acquisition of Arjun MBT. So much for the bravado of Al-Khalid MBT. That settles the debate on Arjun's capability.

Anonymous said...

Pakis interested in the leo 2?? What happened to the I-can-do-it-all MBT 2000/ A-khalid??

Anonymous said...

anon @ 6:11

That article was fun to read... U214 (mentioned in that article) is a very old model (dates back to WW2)

Prasun K Sengupta said...

To Sachin Sathe: Yes, this is the RABTA system which is being progressively installed throughout Pakistan. This same system was also exported to Bangladesh in 2006. As for the IAF, there's no such singular C4i system in place as yet. There are diverse C4I systems specific to each type of airspace surveillance radar that come together as a package. The ACCCS network now being implemented by the IAF aims to network all such diverse systems, as well as the civilian ATC radars.

To Anon@6.03AM: Deliveries of SH-1s will begin this October, while the JF-17 will first be qualified with air-to-ground weapons. BVRAAMs will follow later. I'm not aware of the existence of any missile going by the name of Shaheen-3. The C-602 SLCMs were acquired last December and they are ship-launched and shore-launched, not sub-launched.

To Anon@6.08AM: I'm not aware of the confirmed production orders for the vehicles you've mentioned.

To Anon@ 8:27AM: The Pakistan Army has already selected the Ukrainian T-84 MBT for procurement, about 450 of them. Regarding the Al Khalid MBT, only 450 have been procured thus far.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Prasun K Sengupta sir

what about

PA's Cobra APC purchased from Turkish Otokar company and German APC that is recently ordered

Anonymous said...

Thanks Prasun K Sengupta sir


Eurocopter AS-550 Light Transport Helicopter and their armed version

Prasun K Sengupta said...

The Cobra 4 x 4s were purchased in 2003. I don't think the APC deal was consumated.

Prasun K Sengupta said...

There are some 16 AS.550B3s on order, of which six have already been delivered and are armed with 20mm gun pods made by Nexter Systems. The Pakistan Navy too operates this helicopter as they've replaced the SA.316B Alouette IIIs.

Anonymous said...

thanks sir

French are talking about the defense deal later this year during the French president‘s visit to Pakistan

Do you happen to know any cotenants of that defense package deal

Prasun K Sengupta said...

The Eurocopter Tigre's armed recce variant is on offer for sure as replacements for existing AH-1F/S HueyCobras.

Anonymous said...

fairly primitive 1st gen stuff.

Anonymous said...

And India is still behind

Anonymous said...

To Anon@JULY 25, 2009 9:56:00 AM
Your knowledge of subs dates back to WW2.
This is U214:

Anonymous said...

"It is little optimistic only for one reasons because it the first of its class. In the first of the class there are a large number of checks to be carried out. It could take much longer time frame than the two years being projected (for INS Arihant)," said Vice Admiral A K Singh(retd) former Captain of INS Chakra, the Charlie-class nuclear submarine.

i tot it's nothing to do with navy and its only tech demo?

Anonymous said...

>>And India is still behind

Saturday, July 25, 2009 11:40:00 PM

Anon@ 11:40 - no India is not behind, in fact what the Pakistanis are now showing as something great, drdo, TPCL, and ECIL completed in mid-80's itself as part of ADHS..

they are showing basic radar tracking and netting solutions, india has more compact and advanced solutions deployed already for several years as part of BADGES

the pakistanis are very very much behind india
in fact nothing like IACCS or ODl mentioned at all

Anonymous said...

Prasun, why such stony silence on the launch of ATV. Dont you have anything to disclose anymore?

Anonymous said...

all your predictions about the ATV went up in smoke. It is not a technology demonstrator and there are going to be many more ships in her class and the ATV has indeed been christened INS Arihant and will be commissioned into the navy after trials.
seems you were badly informed.

Prasun K Sengupta said...

To Anon@1:45AM: What more is there to reveal? Describing a 6,000-tonne submersible as a SSBN is a joke, to say the least.

To Anon@4:34AM: My predictions? Did I predict that the vessel will be called INS Arihant? Do first take the trouble to find out from PIB and all other official pronouncements about the ceremoney, what exactly the vessel was christened as. They all say only 'Arihant'. There's no 'INS' prefix attached. Now what does that tell anyone? To me it means the vessel is still very much a technology demonstrator vessel and in no way is meant to enter operational service as of now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prasun, Thanks for putting up this info. AERO is the new "marketing" side of AWC (Air Weapons Complex). The PAF C4I is being upgraded in house (by Vision system, part of Shaheen foundation) - there are lot of details about it in the new official book. PAF has also sold this system to Bangladesh and has been marketing it to Malaysians as well, though don't know if they have ordered it.

Prasun K Sengupta said...

To Anon@6:14AM: The Royal Malaysian Air Force's existing C4I system is from Alenia-Marconi, now part of the Finmeccanica Group.

Nava said...


I assume you heard the news about a successful test of an improved version of the Barak. Could you explain what this upgrading actually entails?

Prasun K Sengupta said...

To Nava: I haven't come across any such news on an improved Barak-1. The IAI website too mentions only a recent test-firing of an Improved Arrow BMD interceptor.

saptarshi dasgupta said...

hello prasunda,
my question is regarding RVV-SD and rvv-md missiles to be unveiled at MAKS2009.THE TACTICAL MISSILES CORPORATION's home page mentions the range of RVV-SD to be 110 km and that of RVV-MD to be 40km..what do u think will the RVV-SD BE POWERED By ramjet or will it be an enlarged version of rvv-ae

Prasun K Sengupta said...

The RVV-SD will indeed be ramjet-powered, and will externally resemble the MBDA-developed Meteor.

Nava said...

One link off the top of my head:

Nava said...

Add an L to the end of that...

Prasun K Sengupta said...

To Nava: It depends on what kind of surrogate target missile was used to simulate the hostile anti-ship cruise missile. In all probability the Barak-1 missile would have been the same, but the target/acquisition/target engagement system may have been updated for automatic activation from the standby mode. This was not the case in 2006 and contrary to the JP article, the Barak-1 on board the Hanit was not deactivated, but was on idle mode mode and had to be manually activated into the standby mode. It was this procedural error that led the C-802 to zero in on the Hanit without interception, and as such there was no design/performance deficiency of the Barak-1 on board the Hanit at that time. In the case of India too, the Barak-1 has to date been fired only against Silkworm/Styx-type anti-ship missiles, and not against any high-subsonic sea-skimming anti-ship missile.