Friday, October 17, 2008

EADS-Built MR/ASW Platforms On Offer To The Indian Navy


Anonymous said...

to prasun

is navy going to buy this aircaft and what is the difference between P8 and a319

still these aircraft no match of an upgraded tu142 in range,combat load,price

its better to upgrade remaining

by the way EADS offered indian navy 400miilion less than P8I deal

it seams v have got money in abundance,nation could save
400million and its not a small amount,v can cry on some million increase on mi17v5 but look at
P8I deal,navy doesn't seems to b cost concious.

and C130J deal is 1.2billion for just 6 aircraft

canada bought 17 c 130j30 for

and what significant advantage
c130j provide,even IL 76 r cheaper than this

each c130j costs =62million

for 6 c130j= 372million

add 372 million for sparesand
support= 744million

so y v r paying 1.2billion

neither air force and navy do not seem to b concerned of these hefty prices

and isn't 3.4 billion deal with US enough for now

Anonymous said...

very nice broucheres macha.

please try ur level best to get us some coverage on launch of chandrayaan-1.. possible? Try lah ok macha..

Anonymous said...

please change this PAKI-GREEN colour theme u r using. No worries the skin is not important. whats important is the content. all we need is a eye pleasing skin. and so long is not PAKEEEE related we r fine

Anonymous said...

is navy going to buy a319 MMA

Anonymous said...

to prasun

The development contract for the P-8 Poseidon alone is $3.89 billion

the total development cost for the kavasaki PX,CX aircraft has been 345 billion Yen (or roughly equal to $2.9 billion), which is comparably low to similar programs

that was the same reason
JAPAN walked out of boeing P8 cuz it was too costly

and v bought costly and inferior P8 aircraft for 2.2 billion while cheaper a319 was available to us without end user agreement.

Prasun K Sengupta said...

To Anon@7:29AM: No one from India has inked any contract for the P-8I as yet. Price negotiations are still in progress with both the US Navy/Boeing and EADS. That's why the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency has not yet officially notified the US Congress about the prospective sale to India.

Anonymous said...

but prasun

form where media got this 2.2billion figure for P8I

Anonymous said...

AND Y NAVY REJECTED A319 mma or will they buy it in future

Anonymous said...

please change this PAKI-GREEN colour theme

if u say it isnt paki green u got 2 check ur eyes or ur monitor dude.

Mr.White said...

GOTCHA... Good news for people who asked for photos of INS Vikramadithya in dry dock.
Got a link to show some photos of it in shipyard. Check out my blog for the link.
Some 178 photos taken in a high resolution camera is not ennough for you?? :-)
Check it out

Anonymous said...

to Mr white above

its not easy to refubish a older ship,by seeing those pics it seems to b a huge task and labour intensive,actually ship will have all new systems except hull,

engins,electrical systems,wiring,piping,air conditioning and heating,water supply,new radars and cobmat system,arresting wires,new shaping of landing deck and some inner compartments all these systems also required in a new ship and all these systems cost at least 1.5 to 1.7billion including labour cost

and some people like journalists criticise price hike with out going to deapth of the work being done and y there is price hike,

intial 800million just seems to b unadequate for 45000 ton ship with these new systems i mentioned above

if v had this ship in western country's shipyard just think how much they would have asked us pricewise

price hike isssue is a issue with all countries in arms

Anonymous said...