Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ex Malabar 2008 Reveals Indian Navy's Shipborne EW Suites

Photos released by the US and Indian navies of Ex Malabar 2008 clearly reveal the following:

1) INS Godavari, INS Brahmaputra, INS Beas and INS Betwa are ALL equipped with RAFAEL's C-Pearl integrated ESM/EW suite and ELTA's EL/M-2238 S-band 3-D search radar. The first vessel to undergo such mid-life refits was, however, INS Viraat.

2) The Project 15-class DDG, INS Mumbai, is fitted with the DRDO-developed and BEL-built Ellora integrated ESM/EW suite.--Prasun K. Sengupta


Anonymous said...

to prasun

but u did not elaborate one thing

which TAS these ships have ,r they all equipped with TAS,and how good is sea king against ka28 in ASW

there is russian long range radar as well on ships

but u

Anonymous said...

our scientists r very slow,agni2 was inducted in 2002 and it will take another 8 years after 2002 for agni3 to b operational this shows how slow is our missile development process and do not hope that nation will get agni4-5 any time soon before 2015-16 ,

even if drdo has developed the technologies for missiles then y only one test of agni3 in a year and y doesn't their deveplopment shows any kind of speediness

our scientists keep the things in wraps like kaveri engine the same thing happened with trishul missile,same thing they r saying that they will test agni5 by 2010 but just c the truth that they haven't yet to operationalize the agni3 so not to hope that they will test agni4-5 any time soon 2014-15

shriya said...

thanx bro

any flyers brochures on Ajanta/Ellora? Please, if you have some good brochures of Indian systems kindly post them. I'll be delighted to see.


Prasun K Sengupta said...

No brochures of these systems have been released by BEL so far. As for brochures for the RAFAEL-built C-Pearl-M EW system you can download them from:

The offboard countermeasures system is the ELBIT Systems' Desceaver, whose brochure can be downloaded from:

Anonymous said...

to prasun

by the way v criticize russian shipyards as cash starved

it seems that russian shipyards have much better infrastructure even if they r cash starvrd than our shipyards just look at MDL,GRSE,GOA SHIPYARD,HINDUSTAN SHIPYARD they look ancient,no new infrastructure.

look at the pace of shipbuilding at MDL AND OTHER SHIPYARDS its terrible

the new three frigates r being cunstructed much faster than previous one by russia

and gorky also making progress and probably hit the sea by end of october some pics

Shriya said...

^^^^ DO NOT TALK about my Prasun like that!! :-)


Thanx.. but isn't the 3rd picture from a brochure? Looks like a scan of a brochure to me. Don't really care about Israeli brochures. I want the Indian indegenous ones.

And please read this news: "Navy has not rejected Dhruv: Defence Minister" , Zee News.


In the wake of reports that the Indian Navy had rejected Dhruv as a rotary wing platform for its operations, the government today denied any such refusal to accept the Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH).

"The Indian Navy has not rejected the Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Dhruv, developed indigenously by Bangalore-based bluechip Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)" Defence Minister A K Antony told Parliament.

Replying to a Rajya Sabha question, the Defence Minister said the Navy had till now inducted eight ALHs in a utility role. He, however, stated ALHs Anti Submarine Warfare version could not be inducted in the Navy.

Already, Army and Air Force have decided to induct over 150 of Dhruv's weaponised version in the near future.

So here's the golden question: What other roles are there for DHRUV? Also, he says "Army & AF Have decided to induct 150 units", so why does he leave out navy? A stupid, self contradictory article.

Shriya said...

You said Agni-3 was a tech demo sometime ago I remember. Please read this: They say Agni 3's inducted!

Indian defence scientists have embarked on Project Agni-V to develop a long-range missile by the year 2010, which can strike targets over 5,000 km, programme director of Agni weapon systems, Avinash Chander said on Wednesday.

“After the success of Agni-III, which is ready for induction, we have started working on Agni-V. It will be a three-stage, all composite, solid propellant fuelled and advanced version in the Agni class of ballistic missiles with a range of over 5,000 km. The development process has already begun and in the next two years, the weapon system should be ready,” Chander said.

Though most of the systems for the Agni-V will be from Agni-III, the new systems have to be scaled up. It will be a modified design and has to go through the entire process of development and testing.

“We have the technology ready with us. It will be availed from the already prepared Agni Class missiles I-III. However, the Agni-V is going to be more powerful and have a greater range. For this the design of the missile’s delivery system has to be modified to suit the requirements. But, since we have existing successful technology model readily available with us, the time taken to develop this new missile will be much lesser than before,” he said.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation has developed Agni-I (700 km), Agni-II (2,000 km) and Agni-III (beyond 3,000 km), which can carry conventional and nuclear warheads. Agni-V is its latest project, which could be the final one in the series.


Take care!

Anonymous said...

the ships dont have rafaels c pearl suite but another one from rafael.

Anonymous said...

have some reason to criticize these exercises

"possibility of getting information about IN NAVY systems"

what happened to su30mki when it was being spied by US ELINT AIRCRAFT its well proven

and yes their is spying in NAVY TOO getting information that how far our sonars detect and HOW THEY WORK,how radars on ships work,what r the noise pattern of the ships

what about in previous naval exercise in which our ship detected a los angeles about 8 km for what americans came to know about this

british and americans have tendency to spy on foreign systems being used by other countries

Prasun K Sengupta said...

To Anon@1:53PM: To the best of my knowledge I've never criticised any Russian shipbuilding yard so far. But I did express my reservations regarding Rosoboronexport's work ethic when it comes to processsing the competitive tenders for customer-furnished equipment meant for fitment on to those warships being fabricated in Russia.
The reasons why Indian shipyards are not globally competitive are many, but the main ones are:
1) Their inability to source for modernisation funds from the global capital markets, as they are all MoD-owned. Id they were made to merge and become publicly listed corporate entities then they would be as competitive as the South Korean shipyards. It is therefore high time the MoD relinquished total control of the shipyards.
2) Their inability to team up with global shipbuilding giants & design houses (come Europe, Russia and the Far East) to independently design new-generation warships based on the specified QRs of the Indian Navy or Coast Guard. Again the MoD is to blame for this state of affairs as the management of the Indian shipyards do not have any corporate autonomy as such, and instead always have to get directions from the MoD.
3) The Indian Navy's delayed selection of weapon systems and mission sensors meant for installation on board the warships being built by Indian shipyards. For example, while the Project 15B DDGs began being fabricated at MDL from 2002, the weapon systems and sensors for these DDGs were selected by only 2006 and will be available by only 2012. There was no coordination at all between the MoD, Navy HQ and MDL. Here, the MoD has to take the primary blame, and not the shipyard. Usually, a warship must be launched only after 70% of all fabrication/installation work has been completed, but in case of the Indian shipyards the vessel is launched when it is only 30% completed!

To Shriya@2:30AM: The pix of the Ellora ESM/EW system is from BEL's latest corporate advertisement. The brochure has yet to be released but I'm sure it will be very soon.
Regarding the Dhruv ALH, the Navy's requirement is for long endurance helicopters given the nature of naval operations. Therefore, it will be unfair to try to make the Dhruv ALH adapt to the naval environment, or for naval operations to adapt to the Dhruv ALH's performance parameters. As I had once mentioned earlier, the Dhruv ALH is an excellent platform as far as coastal search-and-rescue and coastal/EEZ surveillance go. Therefore, the Indian Coast Guard and the various Marine Police organisations will find the Dhruv ALH as a versatile platform, instead of the Navy.
Regarding the Agni-3, the report you quoted does not say that the Agni-3s are being unducted or have been inducted. It says that the missiles are ready for induction. But the Strategic Forces Command's requirements call for the development of a 6,500km-range land-launched ballistic missile (Agni-5) and a 8,500km-range submarine-launched ballistic missile (presumably called the Agni-6SLBM), both of which must be capable of hitting targets deep within China.

Anonymous said...

so will it stop at 6,500km / 8,500km in RnD phase? or will drdo continue to develop deeper ranger missiles?

Prasun K Sengupta said...

The operational requirements thus far call for ICBMs with a range of up to 8,500km only and therefore there are no further plans for going beyond this range-limit.