Monday, October 6, 2008

Kaveri Turbofan For 'Tejas' LCA


max said...


In response to your coment in the "MIDHANI-Developed Alloys For Tejas LCA & Kaveri Turbofan" topic, as you know the core forms the heart of the engine. What more do you want when the heart has failed?! And how can the Kaveri arrive at any "definitive configuration" when there isn't a functioning core as yet? Fine about Kaveri being 300% more economical and stuff but as I said earlier, its only a vision. There's no point in comparing a future product to something thats currently in service. I have reservations whether it will actually find its way onto the Tejas air frame, but if GTRE (and govt.) pull up their socks it can find its way onto the FGFA. Of course any Indian would like to see home developed engines on not only fighter jets but also helicopters, ships etc., but the most important thing over being optimistic is being realistic.

BTW thanks for the info on marine engines. Didn't know that.

max said...

In response to your comment @ 11:42 - "What It Takes To Wage ASW In Shallow Waters"

It's simple, because you're the only one who'll reciprocate to such "jokes" LOL!! If you completely ignore these kinda things, they'll get fed up and leave, as how you don't see such things on Ajai's or Shiv's blog! It became clear that you were affected by it through your comment in Shiv's blog making silly threatening comments. So when they know they can poke at you with results, why would they resist temptation? I mean even when they asked whether you were Ceylonese your answering tone clearly showed you were affected. You gotta start acting like a wall friend. Just ignore what you don't like. By you deleting and ranting only worsens the situation. I mean think rationaly; who'd you poke at? someone who'd ignore you or someone who'd cry and grumble and run away from it? Cheers..

Prasun K Sengupta said...

If the Kaveri R & D project is terminated, it will end all hopes of India acquiring the key technological competencies in terms of turbofan R & D. By the way, those failed high-altitude tests were conducted not recently, but way back in the late 1990s. A lot of ground has been covered since then and when SNECMA Moteurs last did a peer eview of Kabini, it gave the redesigned core the green light. The definitive Kaveri is now 80% ready, according to the latest statements from ADA given in an interview to FORCE last July. That is also the reason why SNECMA and Eurojet are now hghly interested in getting a piece of the pie as well, since they know it now makes business sense,especially if the Kaveri can make its way on-board both the LCA & FGFA. We're now talking of much gretaer nos of this engine being produced.

Max said...


As I told you I wish DRDO all the best for their Kaveri venture, and really hope in due course India can acheive self reliance in turbine technology.

Regarding the core I recall reading that when a foreign entity is selected the new company will have to provide the core. I tried Googling but couldn't find the source now as I don't remember the key words.

And Prasun, just sometime ago (I think last year) it was reported that the Kaveri (or Kabini, whatever) was sent again to Russia for testing but there was no report on the result. I don't know how authentic it is.

But if what you say is true (about it being 80% ready) I really hope what you say is true as this creates a ray of hope for the project; which I thought was grounded.